Hey, I'm Marla

I'm a Designer and Illustrator

Publication Design | Branding | Marketing


WALK! is a collection of poetry, illustration and photography created to inspire park visitors to engage with nature. It is designed to inform its readers about the potential as walking as a form of art and to provide a format for readers to become writers. British land artist Richard Long’s poetry beautifully articulates how something as simple as relocating natural objects can be looked at in an artistic way.

Branding | Marketing

New Braunfels Public Library

This rebrand of the New Braunfels Public Library is to inform the public of the many services that the library offers and encourage participation and engagement from the larger community. The NBPL is looking to broaden the public’s perception of the library as more than “a place that houses books” and this new visual identity system reflects that.

Publication Design | Branding | Marketing

Women in Baseball

Women in Baseball includes articles about the All-American Girls League, misconceptions and facts about women’s contributions to the sport, biographies on both past and contemporary players, and what opportunities there are for women in baseball today.


My love of illustration started as a middle schooler and hasn’t stopped since. In high school, I’d draw everyday and excitedly run home to post my work online. I’m inspired by nature and poetry, song lyrics with so much emotion, fashion and personal expression, and my own experiences. My work has come a long way since my school days and I’d love if you took a look!