New Braunfels Public Library

Branding | Marketing

The New Braunfels Public Library provides the community with equal access to physical and virtual environments that support and encourage lifelong learning. The goal of this rebrand is to inform the public of the many services that the library offers and encourage participation and engagement from the larger community. The New Braunfels Public Library is looking to broaden the public’s perception of the library as more than “a place that houses books” and this new visual identity system reflects that.

Logo Refresh

The previous logo for the NBPL was a combination of a tree—the logo of the City of New Braunfels—and a book. After interviewing both staff members and patrons of the library, it became apparent that the brand needed to convey a sense of community and connection. By combining a bookshelf with an outstretched hand, this new logo represents the place of knowledge and fellowship that the NBPL is.


Gill Sans by Eric Gill

Gill Sans is a sans-serif created in 1926 by British designer Eric Gill. Chosen for its humanistic quirks and history on the covers of many classic Penguin Books, this nostalgic typeface works with modern layouts to keep the brand feeling both new and welcoming.

Illustration Palette

Classic book cover illustrations were chosen to provide striking imagery that can be utilized in various assets for the brand. Stories hold special places in our hearts and these iconic illustrations remind library visitors of the power that books and community hold.


The new website design streamlines navigation for easier usability. Users can browse the catalog, access electronic resources, get recommendations, and learn how to get involved in the community.

Letterhead System

A letterhead system with flexible branding utilizing the illustration palette was developed.


The mobile app provides access to the RioMobile Tracker. The RioMobile is NBPL’s mobile library that travels around the city, bringing books out of the library and into the community. Users can see on the map where the RioMobile is, where the rest of its stops are for that day, and how long it’ll be there, making it easy to plan their trip. App users can also check the upcoming events of the library and add them to their calendar.

Social Media

A social media campaign was developed to encourage online engagement between the library and its visitors, and to provide information about events and services the library offers.


Promotional bookmarks were designed to be given away with books checked out from the library.