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WALK! is a collection of poetry, illustration and photography created to inspire park visitors to engage with nature. It is designed to inform its readers about the potential as walking as a form of art and to provide a format for readers to become writers. British land artist Richard Long’s poetry beautifully articulates how something as simple as relocating natural objects can be looked at in an artistic way. In this edition, each zine features a different San Marcos park: Purgatory Creek, Plaza Park and Five Mile Dam.


Ingeborg by Robert Typejockeys

Trio Grotesque by Bold Monday

Ingeborg’s serif forms fit the poetic tone of Richard Long’s writing, while its display weight provided a strong wordmark for the publication. Trio Grotesque paired nicely with Ingeborg and its rounded corners fit well into the soft tone of the publication.


4 x 6 inches
Saddle-stitched, belly band

For durability, the zines would bound using the saddle-stitch method. They are small in size for easy transportability while park visitors are on their walks.

Color Palette

The color palette was inspired by three common elements in nature: leaf, water & stone. These are common themes in Long’s poetry and each zine is curated to center around a specific element.


Each poem is illustrated using bold linework. The illustrations are quick and simple to give a sense of ease to the publication and inspiration to the reader to make their own visual interpretations of the poems.


In the spirit of the zine, each photograph is an observation made on various walks over the course of three years in San Marcos.


Pages in the zine are set aside for the readers to interact with and make their own observations.

Social Media Campaign

A book release campaign to promote the publication and give followers an understanding of what it’s about.