Women in Baseball

Publication Design | Marketing

Women in Baseball includes articles about the All-American Girls League, misconceptions and facts about women’s contributions to the sport, biographies on both past and contemporary players, and what opportunities there are for women in baseball today.

It was inspired by an oral history told by Kay Johnston Massar, speaking about her experience as a young girl in the 1950s who loved baseball and disguised herself as a boy to try out for her neighborhood’s Little League, during a time when it was socially unacceptable for girls to play on a team.

Left: Kay Johnston Massar, 1950. Right: Mo’ne Davis, 2014.


Acumin Pro by Robert Slimbach

Big Caslon by Carter & Cone

Orpheus Pro by Canada Type

The three typefaces chosen for this project visually convey the idea of contrasting traditional and modern. With Acumin Pro’s bold forms pushing off the edges of the pages, the book evokes a sense of stepping out of the comfort zone and pushing boundaries.


5 x 7 inches
Saddle-stitched, handmade clamshell box, biographical inserts

The chosen format of the book was a saddle-stitched pamphlet with small, bound inserts that highlight specific players. The book was housed in a handmade clamshell box, playing on the idea that was is inside contrasts with the outward presentation.

Color Palette

The book was designed with affordable distribution in mind so that it can be more easily accessible. It was printed in grayscale, with the only color coming from the pink paper of the cover and player inserts. The dark blue of the clamshell box contrasts with the pink paper and furthers the concept of the masculine and feminine themes presented in the book.

Social Media Campaign

A book release campaign to promote the publication and give followers an understanding of what it’s about.